The Protocol

The IMM Technique™ protocol is designed as a standardized way for practitioners to be able to assess and treat patients. The entire protocol can be broken down in three parts:

Part 1: Assessment

The assessment of each patient is started with a through postural assessment including checking the foot curve abnormalities, knee abnormalities, hip misalignments, vertebral abnormalities (including the hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, scoliosis), neck abnormalities and shoulder and upper limb misalignments.

After recording all the postural abnormalities, the IMM practitioner will go through checking the range of motion and also the palpation of the fascia and muscles in some targeted areas. In the process of assessment, there might be the need of performing some selected orthopedic or neurological testings. At the end, the IMM practitioner, will decide about the condition and based on that determine which muscles require a treatment of IMM Technique.

The Certified IMM Practitioner is not permitted nor qualified to diagnose the clients and patients. Only qualified Health Care professionals can diagnose clients and patients. Assessment should be performed within your scope of practice.

Part 2: IMM Technique

After a proper assessment, the IMM practitioner will determine which muscles, joints or local fascia need the treatment and based on that make a plan for treatment.

The treatment in each area usually has the following consequences:

  1. Warm up the area with hydrotherapy or with basic massage techniques
  2. Release the fascia and muscle with one or more than following myofascial release techniques:
  • Active release technique
  • Cross-fibre friction
  • Cross-hand stretches
  • Therapeutic stretches

3. Stretch the fascia and muscle with Muscle energy technique by involving the targeted muscle or the antagonist muscle.​

The process of each technique is based on an easy-to-follow checklist which the IMM practitioner is able to apply on the client.

Part 3: Exercise

Treating the fascia and muscle without involving the client itself does not provide long lasting results.

Every protocol of treatment by IMM Technique is followed by the list of proper exercises in order to provide more effective treatment. The base of the exercises are to determine the tight muscles and provide a proper stretch for them plus detecting the weak muscles and make them strong with the appropriate exercise plan.

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