The Guide to IMM Technique™:

Lower Limb & Pelvic Conditions
Integrated Myofascial Release + Muscle Energy Technique

​The Guide to IMM Technique™(Integrated Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Technique), offers an illustrated step-by-step guide to assess/evaluate and apply soft-tissue techniques to common musculoskeletal and neurological conditions for manual therapy service providers.

Over 15 years of teaching Myofascial Release and Muscle Energy workshops to manual therapists, Mohsen Talani, MD, has developed a standard protocol to assess common conditions and apply techniques to improve clients’ wellness. The IMM Technique™ protocol includes assessment, the combination of these two techniques along with an appropriate Home Exercise Program (HEP). This pocket book enables therapists to add an extra component of care to their practice in addition to conventional techniques.

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