The IMM Course gave me a foundation on working with the functional component of the spine. It acts as a excellent addition to the manual therapy that I already do.

​- Dr. Fiorucci

The IMM Technique is helpful regardless of your background. 
Dr. Talani is so humorous and engaging!  In his classes you don’t know how the time passes by. Most of the time you are smiling or laughing.

​-Michaela Pfetten
​Manual Osteopath

​The IMM Technique was very helpful, it provided me with a complete check list which has been very handy. Using the IMM Technique has saved my hands! I recommend this program for any health care professional.

– Joyce Ma
Registered Massage Therapist

Fantastic, understandable, passionate. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you!


​Great course, very practical and hands on, covering real life conditions seen in the clinic. Mohsen and Milad are very knowledgeable and helpful. Very highly recommended.

AAA Wellness & Rehab Inc.

I found the IMM technique course very informative and Dr. Talani a great teacher. I would recommend these courses.

Linda K.

It was a wonderful experience . . . I took a course with Doctor Mohsen about the muscle energy techniques. Although I have a huge knowledge about the musculoskeletal system, Dr Mohsen is very knowledgeable. He puts things very practical in a very simple way. It is very beneficial course.


I took IMM I and I am excited to participate in IMM II! Learning a combination of Myofascial Release & Muscle Energy Technique was really useful. The class was mix of practical and theory mix. Highly recommend any courses offered by iBody Academy.

Kellie Bankley

My sister and I took the IMM course with Dr.Talani! We learned a lot these past 3 days with Dr.Talani! He is the best Professor in the whole world. Dr.Talani and Mr. Milad are very professional, organized and extremely knowledgable. We really gained a lot of benefits from this program. Furthermore, we will recommend this college to all of our friends, and we congratulate you for an amazing college with splendid teachers.

Sara A.

I took the IMM I course in March 2017. I found it very rewarding and I am seeing great results in my practice. One aspect I liked most was that the classes were in small groups which in turn made it a hands on experience. I look forward to taking the IMM II and developing my skills further.

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