Upper Limb and Shoulder

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Flexor retinaculum (Carpal tunnel syndrome)
Flexors of forearm (Golfer’s elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
Extensors of forearm (Tennis elbow)
Pronator teres m. (Pronator teres syndrome)
Biceps brachii m. (Tendonitis of long head of biceps)
Rotator cuffs (Rotator cuff injuries)
Pectoralis major and minor (Forwarded shoulder, Hyperkyphosis, Forwarded neck posture, Thoracic outlest syndrome)
Upper Trapezius (Uneven shoulder, Scoliosis, Forwarded neck posture)
Rhomboids (Conditions: Forwarded shoulder, Hyperkyphosis)
Serratus Anterior (Forwarded shoulder, Hyperkyphosis, Winged Scapula)
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