This is the service is available for all IMM practitioners who have challenging cases and would like to share and get advise from the IMM team. Each case can be discussed in details with our expert team and to offer the best plan for the patient.

This plan is including some suggestions for a better assessment, treatment plan and also exercise plan.

With the yearly IMM membership plan, each practitioner will have up to 2 consultations per month including with the price.

Please note, the patient must sing the consent form to allow sharing their information such as health history form, assessment results, pictures and any other confidential information which needs to be shared with the IMM team for consultation.

Annual membership fee is $199 CAD/year

What you receive with the membership fee:

  1. Consultation (up to 2 patients per month)
  2. Access to all IMM videos (including all the updates and case study discussions)
  3. Access to Anatomy videos
  4. Maintain your IMM profile on the website (if you are an IMM Certified practitioner)
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