Becoming IMMCP

Benefits of Becoming IMM Technique Certified

  • Avoid professional burnout, while helping your clients reduce pain and increase functionality.
  • Receive an Advance Certification
  • Be featured on our website as an IMM Certified Practitioner.
  • Receive exclusive discounts on all future IMM-related book series, case studies and seminars.
  • Unlimited “searchable” access to the program materials: assessments, techniques and much more!

The Road to Become IMM Certified

To Become IMM Technique Certified, You Must Complete the Following 3 Steps:

​Step 1: Complete Program Training (43 Lessons)
The first step in becoming IMM Technique Certified is completing the modules and lessons offered through the virtual classroom, See Program Outline Here.  There are 4 Modules: 1) Upper Limb  and Shoulder 2) Lower Limb and Hip 3) Trunk and Hip, 4) Head and Neck. The Anatomy Review Module is optional for Registered Health Care Practitioner


Step 2: Case Studies (2 Lessons)
In the second step you will attend online webinar case studies which focus on guiding the practitioners through an IMM Protocol for a specific condition. You will receive a 6 step protocol checklist to evaluate different cases. Case studies will allow you to apply the knowledge gained throughout the lessons. Practitioners will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Talani as he goes through a full protocol with clients. The case-studies contain realistic scenarios where the technique options is to be determined using the protocol.


Step 3: Submission of Materials (5 Hands-on Reports) – Optional
The final step involves submitting 5 case reports of client interactions, in which you have practiced and applied the materials learned. These will be a anonymous reports. The materials will then be manually reviewed by an IMM Teacher.  This step is optional for practitioner who want further feedback from IMM Instructors.

Upon  Successful Completion of Steps 1 – 3
You will ​Become IMM Certified Practitioner

Earn An Advanced Certification in
IMM Technique & Become a Member of CSOAM

Step 4: Thesis Submission (Optional)
To earn an outstanding Advanced Certification in IMM Technique and become a Member of Canadian Society of Osteopathy and Alternative Medicine you must complete a thesis of 2000 – 3000 words, in addition to the 3 steps above.

This certification is awarded on the successful completion of a in depth thesis which shows you have a complete understanding of the lessons you have learned.

​This should be original work, you may use external references (books, publications, articles and credible internet publications) to support your subject matter. Any information you use must be in your own words and not directly lifted or copied from the other sources, as this is an infringement of their copyright.

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